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When Do Balloons Fly?

Ballooning is a sport of elegance that begins with the first warmth of the rising sun when the winds are their calmest and the fields and mountains their finest.

Most of our flights are at sunrise and depart from Milford, NH about 10 miles west of Nashua, NH and 10 miles southwest of Manchester, NH. We will meet you at the Milford Oval (Jct. 101A and Rte. 13), and likely introduce you to other balloonists eager to start the day with us! Here we will determine our wind directions, and travel together to our meeting site. We like to fly with other balloons so you can appreciate what is happening during the flight.

Your pilot will be in contact with his chase crew who will follow us on the ground, and assist you on landing. The crews assist with the retrieval and pack-up and will return us to your cars on The Oval. Flights average about an hour, however from the time we meet until your return to the meeting site takes three hours, every moment a memorable one.

Your Balloon, Pilot and Safety

Ballooning is one of the oldest and safest forms of aviation. Balloons flown today are the safest ever made. They are inspected annually by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified repair stations. Our balloons have all the required instrumentation and equipment. Your pilot is certified by the FAA as a commercial pilot, has been in ballooning since 1985, attends and presents at Safety Seminars annually, and is a member of the Balloon Federation of America and the Granite State Balloon Association.

Although relaxing, there are some aspects of the flight that should be considered before planning to fly. Overall health and ability to stand for approximately one hour are considerations. Please call your physician before scheduling a flight if you feel your health is in question. Liberty Flights is fully insured, and our primary concern is the passenger’s safety.

Personal Flight Service

Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure, a romantic escape, or to enjoy natural beauty in the most graceful style, our balloon rides will change your perception of the world around you. For a personal touch, we typically take two passengers, but the basket can comfortably carry up to four passengers per flight (plus the pilot). Our rates are:

  • 2 passengers: $600
  • 3 Passengers: $800
  • 4 Passengers: $1000

We accept cash or check. To ensure a safe, comfortable flight, passengers’ combined weight should not exceed 650 pounds, this is also weather dependent. LibertyFlights believes in giving personal service and will not combine parties into a single flight. Two, three or four in the same party are always welcome.

What Should You Wear?

To get the most enjoyment from your flight, wear comfortable, casual clothes. Long pants and long sleeves with low-heeled sturdy shoes are appropriate. Sandals are not recommended. As New Hampshire is blessed with fickle weather, dew and snow, waterproof footwear may add to your comfort. It is often warmer in the balloon than on the ground so dress accordingly. You may also appreciate a baseball cap and/or sunglasses. Don’t forget the camera and plenty of film, and charged batteries!!

Be part of the excitement, call us today at 603-930-8207


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